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ISexyChat Reviewed on TheCamDude

The site isexychat has a homepage that is a little bit different than many of the other sites out there. There are a few different logos to access on the first page, which differentiates the types of activities and chats that people could choose to do. The first one is a simple chat area that is dedicated to straight chat, simply called sex chat. The second one on the list is gay chat, and there is also a lesbian chat, role-play chat, general chat, trade Skype/Kik/etc, and another section for trading pics. Right off the bat, isexy shows that it is catering to a wide variety of groups and desires.

The isexychat.com site is easy to use and straightforward. Its marketing is targeted at people who want to have sexy chat with men and women who are located all across the planet. If you are looking to bust a nut or tickle your twat, it is highly likely that you will find the category of chat room you are looking for. Unfortunately, there are a lot of spammers that are utilizing the site, and no way to tell for sure sometimes if you are chatting with a real person. Not being able to chat with video or audio, this website is not exactly a cam site in any sense. It is a lot more similar to what could be considered old-school chat rooms from the 1990s.

For people that are looking to chat with people via video or audio, live, this is obviously not the place for you. When you enter a chat room, you are asked what your gender is and which genders you are interested in. This is displayed next to your chat name, though since you cannot actually see people or hear people, you may never know if the person is actually who they say they are.

It seems that a lot of people go to isexychat to either trade pics or trade contact information so they can chat other places. There are a lot of rules on the site, which some people like and others do not. The platform is easy to use, even though it is not fully what it says it is.

It is possible to make internet friends on isexychat
The options to trade pics and to exchange contact information is something that some people enjoy using
There are multiple chat rooms, organized by category
No registration is necessary
The site is mobile friendly

You cannot see or hear the other people, so there is no way to verify who they are
The site utilizes ads and pop-ups
There are vastly more men on the site than women

For people who are bored and looking to talk to people, this could be a free choice that works for them. It’s not a site to keep your hopes up about, however. Many people seem to be saying that this site might not be around that much longer, and it is with reason. If you decide to check it out, take a look at the contact exchange room and the trade pictures room.